Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pink Lilys by George Lenz | RedBubble

Pink Lilys by George Lenz | RedBubble: img src,550x550,075, />

Monday, April 18, 2011

Surreal Digital Art

For the past several months now I've been creating new digital art images consisting of a compilation of several other images all used to create themed artwork. The images are usually based on a theme such as a song or a thought.

Surrealism is a cultural movement that began in the early 1920s, and is best known for the visual artworks and writings of the group members. Surrealist works feature the element of surprise, unexpected juxtapositions and non sequitur; however, many Surrealist artists and writers regard their work as an expression of the philosophical movement first and foremost, with the works being an artifact. Leader André Breton was explicit in his assertion that Surrealism was above all a revolutionary movement.

Surrealism developed out of the Dada activities during World War I and the most important center of the movement was Paris. From the 1920s onward, the movement spread around the globe, eventually affecting the visual arts, literature, film and music of many countries and languages, as well as political thought and practice, philosophy and social theory.

My artwork is intended to be thought provoking, to generate feelings, or emotions. As artists we must evolve into having a specialty that we can present to perspective customers who wish to follow our art. All of the images are posted on the Red Bubble.

As you preview these images let your mind be opened to new discoveries, or possibilities as you enter my world of fantasy. You may find some of them that touch you as they have me in creating them. If you'd like to purchase any of these you can do so on Red Bubble or contact me directly through my website at Lenz Photo Shop

In addition you may also want to view the slide shows I put together on You Tube Here and Here to get a better idea of what I'm talking about.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Welcome to the LPS Gazette

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What's Happening:

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Art show season has begun for 2011 and I've expanded into Scottsdale at the Art Bridge which is every Thursday night from 6pm to 10pm. I've been concentrating building my Fine Art America website and my DevianArt site with new material. My new collection if surreal images are worth a look and consideration. I have spent many hourse developing this material for your enjoyment.

I want to be your go to photographer for all your events, including family portraits and weddings. Portrait service includes a photo shoot at a local location of your choice for $75.00, processing the images and putting them on my website for you to review/purchase. CDs are also available of all your images.

For all you real estate agents Lenz Photo Shop offers Real Estate photography in Phx area. To schedule an appointment call the number on my website

Check out my Zazzle website where you can purchase specialty products like mugs,ties,shoes,hats,tote bags,mouse pads,note cards with my art work on them. Check

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

About Giclee Printing

Many of you may have seen images printed on canvas and wrapped around a frame. The process is called Giclee. Giclee (zhee-klay) as the French word "Giclée" is a feminine noun that means a spray or a spurt of liquid. Giclee prints are created typically using professional 8-Color to 12-Color ink-jet printers. These modern technology printers are capable of producing incredibly detailed prints for both the fine art and photographic markets. The term "Giclee print" connotes an elevation in print-making technology. Images are generated from high resolution digital scans and printed with archival quality inks onto various substrates including canvas, hard board, fine art, and photo-base paper. The Giclee printing process provides better color accuracy than other means of reproduction. With the added touch of hand-embellishment, Giclees are becoming more popular year by year.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Just One Touch

Just One Touch

It occurred to me how much we can do with just one touch. We can do a lot of damage, or good. Whatever we do with that touch, however, is usually the result of a spoken word to act, which makes the tongue even more powerful, when you think about it.

For example just one touch, is all it takes to: pull the trigger, detonate a bomb, start a car, accuse, harm someone or yourself. Yeah, pretty gruesome things, right? We can also: console a friend, lend a helping hand, give of our resources, write a nice letter, build, repair, well, you get the idea. Make your own list.

No matter what’s on your list, however, you don’t just do without your brain (tongue, thoughts) speaking it into happening, right? So, your finger doesn’t decide to push the enter button and send that nasty email to your boss, your brain makes that decision and your touch carries out it’s mission.

So, who cares about all this anyway? Well, you should care about it next time you get ready to touch. Are you helping, or hurting? Proverbs 13:3 say “Those who control their tongue (touch) will have a long life; opening your mouth can ruin everything.” I’m not making this stuff up. Next time, think before you act, you’ll live a lot longer.